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Range of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines Gautham Gambhir with Leverage Bowling Machine Sachin Tendulkar about Leverage Bowling Machine Rahul dravid hand in hand with Leverage Bowling Machine Shikhar Dhawan vs Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine



Economical Two Wheel Bowling Machine


at Rs. 15,000/-

Leverage iWinner is a very low cost 2 wheel Cricket Bowling Machine. This machine is suitable for professional practice and entertainment. Speed upto 130kmph.

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Most Economical Two wheel Bowling Machine


Leverage Master is the best entry level two wheel Bowling Machine available in the market. Apt for professional cricketers to develop basic skills.

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Advanced Two Wheel Bowling Machine

Master Digi

Leverage Master Digi is the best two wheel cricket bowling machine for a professional player to develop their skills against speed, swing and spin deliveries.

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Most Advanced Cricket Bowling Machine in the World


It’s a well-known fact that the 3 wheel Bowling Machines are way superior compared to the 2 wheel Cricket Bowling Machines. Leverage Yantra is the first 3 wheel Cricket Bowling Machine in the world.

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Leverage bowling machine equipped with Artificial Intelligence

Yantra e3

Leverage Yantra e3 is the most advanced cricket bowling machine with artificial intelligence and wireless operations and is the ultimate Cricket Bowling Machine and a prized possession for any cricketer.

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Money generating, Most economical and advanced cricket simulator


at Rs. 100,000/-

This money generating concept has best features like instant replay, simulation of different pitches, Game Analytic app, instant video to player etc. It is supported by a robust Cricket Bowling Machine

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Money generating, Most economical and advanced cricket simulator


starts at Rs. 500,000/-

iRoboGoalie is a Robot Goal Keeper equipped with artificial intelligence. It is the most advanced and the fastest of this kind. This concept can be used for professional soccer practice or for fun and entertainment.

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A revolutionary cricket ball throwing tool

The RoboArm

at Rs. 3000/-

The RoboArm is the world's fastest ball throwing aid. The tiltable cup helps to maintain the natural throw. It does not cause shoulder injury. It can generate speed upto 160KMPH.

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Cricket ball throwing tool


at Rs. 995/-

It’s a one stop batting practice solution at an affordable price. The short lever with goose neck design allows one to generate pace and accuracy. It can generate speed upto 110 KMPH.

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An innovative batting practice tool


at Rs. 1,500/-

Spingball is an innovative patent pending product designed for practicing complex spin/seam deliveries and can be thrown by any bowler without expertise. It feels as a cricket ball.

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An aerodynamically built Bowling Machine balls for better accuracy

Machine Balls

at Rs. 500/-

Machine Balls are made with non-wearing PU material, lasts for longer periods compared to regular cricket balls. Available in 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 155g and different colours.

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An aerodynamically built Bowling Machine balls for better accuracy

iWin Balls

at Rs. 300/-

iWin Balls are made with non-wearing PU material, lasts for longer periods compared to regular cricket balls. They are slightly smaller than Machine Balls. These balls are to be used in iWinner ONLY.

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Gravity based automatic ball feeder for Leverage Bowling Machines


An advanced gravity based cricket bowling machine ball feeder with capacity of 16 and 32 balls.



  • National Cricket Academy's Opinion on Leverage Bowling Machine
    "The performance of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines has been extremely good and service provided is extremely satisfactory!"     

    - National Cricket Academy

  • Gantham Gambhir's testimony about Leverage Bowling Machine
    "Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines are unique and well developed. I recommend Leverage Bowling Machines to all the youngsters."     

    - Gautam Gambhir

  • Sachin Tendular's with Leverage Bowling Machine
    "I found Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine far superior to any other Cricket Bowling Machines I have ever used."     

    - Sachin Tendulkar

  • Rahul Dravid Hand in Hand with Leverage Bowling Machine
    "The Cricket Bowling Machine is excellent and very useful. Can be a very useful tool for improving batting skills."     

    - Rahul Dravid

  • Murali Vijay with Leverage Bowling Machine
    "It was a great experience to bat. I for one think its great innovation. Really enjoyed. Cheers!!"     

    - Murali Vijay

  • Robin Uthappa with Leverage Bowling Machine
    "The Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine is surely the best machine I’ve used. Its accurate and very useful to improve reflexes."     

    - Robin Uthappa

  • K L Rahul using Leverage Spingball for intense batting practice
    "The Spingball is a great innovation. It’s very challenging for batsmen."     

    - K L Rahul

  • Sanju Samson vs Leverage SpingBall
    "With Spingball I could get to practice the lateral movement off the pitch. Its an excellent tool to improve batting skills."     

    - Sanju Samson

  • Rajkumar Sharma about Leverage
    "The Leverage cricket products are very useful for cricketers! Using Speedarm with Spingball helps to reproduce swing deliveries when thrown straight at a rapid pace."     

    - Rajkumar Sharma

  • Atul Gaikwad about Leverage
    "By using Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine, a novice to elite cricketer can improve his skills by leaps and bounds in a relatively short duration!"     

    - Atul Gaikwad

  • Sunil Joshi about Leverage
    "Spingball is very good tool for batting practice."     

    - Sunil Joshi

  • Bijju George's Opinion about Leverage Products
    "Leverage Spingball helps me to schedule intense practice sessions and challenge the Batsmen!"     

    - Bijju George

  • Krishna Rao about Leverage Bowling Machine
    "Leverage Spingball generates great deviation of the pitch. It is a grat tool for a coach to create complex and challenging practice for a batsman."     

    - Krishna Rao

  • Sanjay Bharadwaj about Leverage Bowling Machine
    "Spingball & Speedarm Combination is very useful for a coach. Using Spingball one can produce good spin deliveries. It compels a batsman to play consciously."     

    - Sanjay Bharadwaj

  • High Volt's Team about Bowling Machine
    "Leverage Cric-Avatar is a World-Class Simulator and The service provided by Leverage is exceptional! I strongly recommend this!"     

    - High Volt

  • What parents think about Leverage Bowling Machine
    "My son has begun practicing with Leverage Yantra bowling machine and is improving a lot on playing spin and swing deliveries!"     

    - Parent