Leverage Winner

  • User friendly but a great challenge
  • Tracks your skill level but raises the bar
  • Get pampered but get intimidated too!!!

Leverage winner is the first robotic two wheel bowling machine in the world. Its cutting edge Technology with futuristic features allow a professional Batman to swiftly move forward in his career!!

Why Leverage Winner?

- Best Two Wheel Cricket Bowling Machine in the World.
- Two dimensional variation control(Swing in air and Deviation off the pitch).
- Seam Grip Technology to grip leather Cricket Balls.
- Advanced Digital Keypad operations.
- Hundreds of Bowling Variations.
- Easy Line & Length Change Operations.
- Angular Loop feature to create more deviation in spin.
- 15 Levels of swing and spin, in each selected speed.

Features of Leverage Winner

Speed Up to 170 Kmph


Swing Level upto 10

Easy Line Change Mechanism
Easy Line Change Mechanism

Match Practice

An Intelligent Feature
Compatible with Autofeeder

Ballcount, Ready and Reset Button

Ballcount, Ready and Reset
Compatible with Autofeeder

Random Mode

An Intelligent Feature
Equipped With Analogue Speed Control

Match Situation

An Intelligent Feature
Easy portability

Easy Length Change Mechanism

Easy Length Change Mechanism
Easy Length Change Mechanism

Angular Loop Feature for Spin

Angular Loop Feature for Swing and Spin
Angular Loop Feature for Swing and Spin

Easy Line change mechanism

Easy Line change mechanism
Easy line

Reasons to choose Leverage Winner

  • It’s the most advanced digitized machine in its category

  • Ideally suitable for Cricketers of all age groups

  • Speed can be increased or decreased by every 1 km.

  • Speed Ranges from 060-160 kmph which makes it an ideal practice tool for all the levels of cricketers

  • In swing and Out Swing with a press of a button.

  • The swing level can be increased or decreased by keeping the speed constant. This feature enables the batsman to play various swinging conditions within the same speed

  • Control the deviation off the air and also off the pitch

  • Displays READY once the speed is achieved

  • The Angular Loop feature gives an opportunity for the player to practice spin

  • The random mode gives an opportunity for the batsman to experience erratic deliveries (variations inswing level along with line and length every 5 second interval) and this gives a challenging batting practice

  • The Match Practice selection improves the range of shots, concentration due to constant change of speeds every 5 second interval in a specific range along with swing levels

  • The Match situation is designed for pro cricketers to improve their game to next level. The deliveries vary in a 40 km range every 5 second interval.

  • Option of not using auto feeder while playing Random, Match Practice & Match Situation. The Computer Program generates the variation every 5 seconds .

  • Auto feeder capacity of 16 ball or 32 ball for individual cricketers.

  • Option of operating with an android TAB to change its speed and swing from the batsman Crease also

  • Robust plastic body which can take ball impact

  • Black color model for higher visibility of the ball

  • Easy to install & Very user friendly operations

  • The line and length can be changed with a simple rotation of a knob

  • Works on AC & DC

  • Well Balanced Tri Pod for stability of the machine

  • Seam Grip wheels (patented) to impart more spin and swing on to the ball

  • The Ball counter (patented) gives the number of accurate measure of number of balls played in the session.

  • Options of using Key Pad on the machine or Touch screen on Android for variations

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