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Leverage iWinner Cricket Bowling Machine

Leverage iWinner

Rs. 15000/-

Leverage iWinner is a very low cost two wheel digital bowling machine with intelligent features. This machine can be used for both professional and enterainment purposes.

Why Leverage iWinner?

  • Easy to operate.

  • Sensor driven wheels

  • Advanced digital operations

  • Easy to install.

  • Highly portable.

  • Very Low Cost 2 Wheel Bowling Machine Ever

  • Speed upto 130kmph

  • Compatible with auto feeder.

  • Build your own cricket simulator

  • Bowls all kinds of deliveries like inswing, outswing, legspin and offspin.

  • SDK available for customisation.

Leverage iWinner Cricket Bowling Machine

For more details about Leverage iWinner , contact +91 9985800013

Leverage iWinner 2.1

Launching Soon...

With cricket ball, advanced operation, intelligent features and many more...

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