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The RoboArm

Introducing The RoboArm

World's fastest ball throwing aid

The RoboArm is a ball throwing aid for batting and fielding practice.
This innovative patent pending ball throwing aid has a tiltable ball holder, which helps in throwing the ball at higher speeds without changing the natural throw of a person.

Why The RoboArm?

  1. No Prior practice is required to throw the ball.
  2. World’s Fastest ball thrower. Speed from 60km/h to160 km/h to suit all age groups.
  3. Easy on shoulder.
  4. Most accurate ball thrower.
  5. Interchangeable ball holders for better sighting of the ball.
  6. Simulates hand, wrist and fingers to grip the ball firmly.
  7. Almost unbreakable.
  8. Suitable for High Catches, Flat catches and fielding drills.
  9. Nine throwing length options to vary the speed and throw different types of balls.

The RoboArm


The RoboArm

  1. Suitable for most of the ball sizes and weight.
    • Cricket Balls -
    • Baseball - ⚾️
    • Tennis Ball - 🎾
    • Slaz Ball -
    • Wiffle/Plastic ball -
    • Leverage SpingBall -
    • Leverage BananaBall -
    • Smiley Sponge Ball -
  2. Changeable Ball Holder direction for more speed and different angles
  3. The RoboArm with Changeable cup direction
  4. Inter-changeable Ball Holder
  5. The RoboArm with Changeable cup colors
    • For Better Sighting of the ball: Use
      • White Cup for Red Ball
      • Black Cup for white ball
    • For Concentration: Use
      • White Cup for White Ball
      • Black Cup for Red ball

Introducing The RoboArm v2

Launching Soon...

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