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Leverage SpeedArm - An Innovative Short Lever Ball thrower

Leverage SpeedArm

SpeedArm - A revolutionary batting practice tool for cricket. Throws up to 120 kmph with a lot of control and accuracy. Speedarm throws slow and fligted deliveries effectively. The throw of the ball is realistic due to its short size. The natural trajectory of speedarm ensures the batsman to sight the ball with ease. SpeedArm throws the old and new cricket balls in all the surfaces. When used it with SpingBall, it can be an alternative for bowling machine who do not have large space to install at home.

Features of The SpeedArm

- It generates speeds upto 110kmph. Ideally suitable for u 16 players. The size of the SpeedArm is short ensuing a natural trajectory along with control and accuracy. The SpeedArm is a one stop batting solution at an affordable price. A shoulder friendly hand held tool for a coach, parent and cricketers of all the levels

- The SpeedArm can be used in just 30 ft space for knocking practice.The SpeedArm can also be used in practice camp, back yard or any cricket playing surface.

- The SpeedArm produces a realistic bowling action while throwing due to its short length.

The SpeedArm Specifications

- Speedarm Is A Practice Tool That Can Be Used By Both Professional And Junior Cricketers. The Speedarm Can Be Used In Full Pitch And Also Half Pitch. Due To Its Short Length, The Sighting Of The Ball Will Be Easier Even When Played From Shorter Distance.
- It Generates Speeds Upto 110Kmph. Ideally Suitable For U 16 Players. The Size Of The Speedarm Is Short Ensuing A Natural Trajectory Along With Control And Accuracy. The Speedarm Is A One Stop Batting Solution At An Affordable Price. A Shoulder Friendly Hand Held Tool For A Coach, Parent And Cricketers Of All The Levels
- The Speedarm Can Be Used In Just 30 Ft Space For Knocking Practice.The Speedarm Can Also Be Used In Practice Camp, Back Yard Or Any Cricket Playing Surface
- The Speedarm Produces A Realistic Bowling Action While Throwing Due To Its Short Length.
- It Is Not Compatible For Tennis Ball. It's Designed For Professionals Cricket Practice.
- The SpeedArm is made up of highly durable PPE.
- The SpeedArm is almost unbreakable.

Gautham Gambhir - About The SpeedArm

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