Leverage Team-Mate Fielding Machine

Leverage TeamMate

Why Leverage TeamMate?

•Advanced electronic Fielding Practice Machine

•Electronic angle change to adjust the direction of throw

•Digital control panel to select speed and swing

•Two way mechanical tilt option for ground fielding and high catching

•Designed for all types of fielding drills and wicket keeping drills

•Wheels for portability in the ground

•Can use both synthetic balls and leather cricket balls

How Leverage TeamMate is useful?

•Team-Mate Fielding Practice Machine is designed for fielding drills, wicket keeping drills and knocking drills for batsman

• A coach can schedule all kinds of fielding drills including high catching, long fielding, flat catching, slip catching, ground fielding etc.

•Equipped with advanced electronic features, Team-Mate makes complex fielding drills very simple for a coach.

•Players can develop Sharp reflexes and Hand-eye coordination and can master their fielding skills using Team-Mate.

How Teammate is useful

Why Leverage TeamMate is far superior?

Till date bowling machines used for Batmen, have been used for fielding practice as well. There are many limitations when a bowling machine is used for fielding practice. Team-Mate is designed and developed as an exclusive fielding practice machine with most superior features.

Unique Features which constitute the importance of Team-Mate
•Electronic Angle change to control direction of the ball throw
•Two Way Mechanical Tilt to shift position of ball throw for higher catches and Ground fielding
•Ball throwing wheels positioned very near to the ground for effective high catching practice
•Advanced Digital Control Panel with intelligent features like Random mode, Match practice and Match situation
•Wheels for portability in the ground
• Can use leather cricket balls for practice
Why TeamMate is far superior

Mechanical Tilt Feature – For High Catches and Ground Fielding

Till date bowling machines used for Batmen, have been used for fielding practice as well. Team Mate fielding practice machine is equipped with two way tilt mechanism to throw balls for high catches and ground fielding respectively. This unique feature in Team-Mate helps to throw upright high catches in air and also absolute ground throws effectively.
Mechanical Tilt Feature

Electronic Angle change – To throw ball in the desired direction

Team-Mate fielding practice is equipped with electronic tilt pan mechanism to throw balls across the field in the desired direction.
Using this feature, a coach can easily throw balls to number of fielders positioned anywhere in the ground.
Electronic tilt mechanism helps a coach in adjusting the height of the throw.
Electronic Pan Mechanism helps a coach in adjusting the direction of the throw in the ground
This unique feature helps in effective fielding practice drills of all kinds.
Electronic Angle change – To throw ball in the desired direction

Digital Control Panel – To adjust the speed and swing of the throw

Digital Control Panel of Team-Mate Fielding Practice Machine is most advanced user interface available for fielding practice drills.
Digital Speed Control: In Team-Mate, speed of the throw can be adjusted from 60 kmph to 170 kmph and equipped with increase/decrease buttons to control the speed
Digital Swing Selection: Swing in air can also be created by selecting swing options in the digital control panel
Digital Swing Control: Swing level in air can be increased or decreased by 10 levels at every speed

Intelligent features:
Random Mode: Randomise throw at constant speed
Match Practice: Creates Random Throw t different speed range
Match Situation: As the name suggests, Match situation mode is designed to create challenging fielding practice drills for the players.


Using Team-Mate, a coach can schedule long catching or fielding drills across the ground easily
Team-Mate can throw balls at a range of 90 meters long
A fielder can get consistent practice which helps him to improve his skills and perform better


High Catching Practice with Team-Mate is a fantastic way to improve hand-eye coordination of a player
Team-Mate can throw balls as high as 90 meters in air
Using electronic angle change, a coach can simultaneously cater high catching drills to more than 10 players easily.


Team-Mate Fielding practice machine can also be used to throw upright 90 degree catches
This is the most challenging drills for a player and on consistent practice of this drill, a player can take his game to the next level.
90 degree catches can also be practiced by a wicket keeper to improve his skills.


Using Team-Mate, a coach can schedule close/flat catching drills, a good way to improve reflexes of a player
Slip catching, Dive catching and taking sharp catches can be a part of the drills which can be a great fun exercise for the players.


Team-Mate is equipped to roll the ball on the ground as soon as it is thrown which makes it unique fielding practice machine for effective ground fielding practice.
Using Electronic angle change mechanism, a coach can give best ground fielding practice drills to the players


Team-Mate helps wicket keeper to develop his foot work to get to the ball
On Random Practice using electronic angle change, a wicket keeper can assess his method of diving to take the catch
Great tool for wicket keeper to identify his weakness and work on it to get better.

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