Most Advanced Cricket Bowling Machine For Professional Batting Practice Video of Line & Length Change SWING SELECTION RANDOM MODE USER REVIEWS MATCH PRACTICE MATCH SITUATION SPEED SELECTION We have purchased Leverage  Yantra Cricket Bowling Machine At Dhoni Cricket Academy.  Performance of this machine  is very good. Its is very much  Useful for a batsman. Demo and  Service provided by Leverage Is highly appreciated. We have installed Leverage  Yantra Three Wheel Bowling  Machine at Venkateswar  International school, Delhi. It helped a lot to me to train Our players who are mostly U-14 group. It is very easy to Operate and worth a buy ! Dev Dutt, Coach VARIABLE BOUNCE Leverage Yantra control panel is  equipped with Speed selection   and display options. Speed can  be set as desired from  60 km ph t o 170 km ph. Leverage Yantra is equipped to  bowl 5 bowling types which include  specialty variations like in-swing  seam out and out-swing seam in  Deliveries. A player or a coach can  select his desired swing type and  schedule his practice. In Leverage Yantra control panel a  player or a coach can select 10 levels  of swing. Using increase or decrease  bias buttons, one can set the r equired swing in air.

Pitch Simulation feature enables a player or a coach to program required bounce on the pitch up to five levels. He can create a subcontinent low bounce pitch or an English bouncy pitch conditions on a given reference surface.

In one particular ball speed 31 types of random bowling can be bowled using random mode.

Type of deliveries include in-swing, out-swing, with change in line and length.

Using Match Practice a batsman can select the required speed range and practice against 50 different bowling variations in each range.

Variable bounce button creates 5 different bounces in a particular variation. Speed or Swing of the delivery remains same. This features helps a coach to bowl random bounce deliveries without the  knowledge of the batsman.  

Match Situation option creates real match feel for a batsman by delivering a variety of bowling types varying speed, swing, deviation, bounce, line and length.


Spin Selection feature in Leverage Yantra Bowling Machine is designed to select

Type of Spin

Increase/Decrease flight

Increase/ decrease deviation

SPIN SELECTION Flat Spin with drift Flighted spin with loop Different Spot, Same Bounce Same Spot, Different Bounce BALL COUNTER

Ball Counter  is an important feature in Yantra Bowling Machine which is designed to count and display the number of balls practiced in a particular session which helps a batsman to understand his fitness level

1. Speed 2. Swing 3. Bounce

Tausif Ahmed, Managing Partner, Phoenix Cricket Center

PhoolchandSharma, Cricket Coach, NOIDA

Dhoni Cricket Academy Venkateswar Cricket Academy

Cricket Drome, Chennai

Unit Price

Rs. 365000

Tax @ 5%

Rs. 18250




As Applicable

Custom Charges

(For  Out of INDIA)

As applicable

Parent gifts his son The Yantra bowling Machine. Must Watch Video ! Watch this video to understand The secret weapon behind Arpit Deswal’s Success story Amity International School Choose Leverage Bowling  Machines. Watch this feedback  From Sports Director, Amity International School Rishi Parti, Delhi Arpit Deswal, U-14 Player Amity International School Cost Detail . Model - Yantra 3.2
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