Leverage Bowling Robot is the best cricket bowling machine available in the world. Equipped with electronic line, length and height adjustment system which helps in bowling effortlessly on any point.. Touch Screen Control Panel with intelligent features like Bounce Simulation, Random Bounce, Match Practice, Match Situtaion,  etc.

Starts at Rs.6,50,000/-

Low Cost Professional Cricket Bowling Machine World’s Best Low Cost Digital Bowling Machines Advanced Three Wheel  Bowling Machine EXPLORE OUR PRODUCT RANGE

The bowling machine is excellent and very useful. Can be very useful tool for improving batting skills. Thank You.                              Rahul Dravid

Leverage bowling machine at my new house is absolutely fantastic. I found this machine far superior to any other bowling machine I have ever used. The amount of variations it has is something special and its backed by remarkable consistency. I am really happy with this fabulous bowling machine and so is my son. I wish leverage Sports Technologies all the very best in future.                                                   Sachin Tendulkar

Gautam Gambhir's Video Feedback on Leverage bowling machines

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WORLD’S BEST CRICKET BOWLING MACHINES Leverage Science & Technologies Ltd

Leverage Bowling Machine was really very good. It improves skill of the batsman. I wish Leverage Team all the best and luck for the future

                              Shikar Dhawan

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It was a great experience to bat. I for one think its a great

Innovation. Really Enjoyed. Cheers !!  

                                                                      Murali Vijay

Bowling Machines For Fun Bowling Machines For Malls Leverage Tennis Ball Cricket Machines Leverage Commercial Cricket Zones Starts at  Rs.49,900/-
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Professional Low Cost machine Best Two Wheel Bowling Machine

Leverage Swinger, is the most economical professional cricket bowling machine. It is designed for professional batman to strengthen their basics and develop proper mindset to deal each kind of delivery.

       Starts at Rs.49,900/-   

Leverage Winner, is a two wheel bowling machine designed for professional cricketers to develop their skill against speed, spin and swing deliveries. Equipped with intelligent features, Leverage Winner is the perfect partner for a batsman to practice against quality bowling.

Starts at Rs.1,30,000/-

Fielding Practice  Machine Automatic Ball Feeder

Leverage Team Mate is an exclusive fielding practice machine designed for exclusive fielding and wicket keeping practice. Useful for high catches, long catches, ground fielding, slip catching, flat catching etc. Electronic angle change to set the direction of the ball.

Starts at Rs.1,65,000/-

Leverage Automatic ball feeder comes in 12,16,32 ball capacity. It is equipped with features like safe ball release, time frequency adjustment etc

Starts at Rs.18,000/-

PU Synthetic dimpled balls

Leverage PU dimpled balls for bowling machines, are specially designed for cricket  practice. Designed aerodynamically with uniform dimples over the ball, it is perfect for swing and spin practice.

Starts at Rs.4800 per dozen

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