Make High-Speed Ball Thrower at Home

High-Speed ball thrower is an improvised version of the Roboarm ball throwing aid. 

This ball throwing aid is suitable for throwing different balls. Best for Cricket and Baseball batting/fielding drills.

Handheld ball throwing aids may not be the best substitutes but can be great alternatives for Cricket Bowling Machines or baseball Pitching Machines.

High-Speed RoboArm Ball thrower
High-Speed RoboArm Ball thrower

What is The Roboarm ball thrower?

Leverage RoboArm - World's Fastest Ball Thrower

The Roboarm ball throwing aid is a widely used practice tool in Cricket circles. Most of the professional players and teams use the Roboarm in throwdown net practice sessions. 

Its patented tiltable ball holding cup allows the coach/thrower to change the cup angle. One can set the cup angle suitable to his natural throw style. It requires less human effort to produce quicker deliveries. 

Using the Roboarm, balls thrown up to 170kmph depends on the user’s practice and effort. The Roboaram a fantastic tool for throwing fast deliveries, but one needs the training to throw the ball above 120kmph. 

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How to make High-Speed Ball Thrower - The RoboArm XL?

This DIY helps in making a faster ball throwing aid using less effort.  Without practice, one can throw quicker balls.

To build a high-speed Roboarm, we need two Roboarm ball throwers. 


The RoboArm: 2

Buy: Amazon or Leverage

Flathead screws (5mm): 2


Cutting Machine/Hacksaw blade

Drilling Machine with drill bit size(5mm)



Take two Roboarm ball throwers and remove ball holding cups from their stems.


Take one Roboarm ball thrower and cut it and remove the handgrip portion using the cutting machine/Hacksaw blade at 5.4 inches 

High-Speed RoboArm - Step 2a
High-Speed RoboArm – Step 2a

Take the second Roboarm ball thrower and cut it and remove the neck portion at 3 inches

High-Speed RoboArm - Step 2b
High-Speed RoboArm – Step 2b

Note: If cutting machine is used at high speeds, it may melt the plastic. Use a slower cutter.


Each Roboarm drilled at two places

High-Speed RoboArm - Step 3
High-Speed RoboArm Bottom – Step 3
High-Speed RoboArm Top - Step 3
High-Speed RoboArm Top – Step 3

Note: Drilling at high speeds may melt the plastic and weaken the product. Use the drilling machine at a lower speed. 



Match the holes of the Roboarms.

Insert the screws and secure with tightening the bolts.

Fix one cup to the stem.

High-Speed RoboArm
High-Speed RoboArm

Check the high-speed ball thrower by throwing the balls. Adjust the ball holding cup number as required.


You should be able to throw the ball at higher speeds with very less effort.