About Us

Leverage Science and Technologies Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of Robots, Simulators, Machines and Tools primarily used in the field of Sports. Leverage is a well-known brand in Cricket. We are the world’s leading suppliers of cricket bowling machines. Thousands of cricketers, coaches and associations use Leverage Bowling Machines and cricket practice tools across the globe. Leverage offers a range of cricket bowling machines suitable for all levels of cricket players.
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Leverage iRoboGoalie is the best goalkeeper robot available in the world. iRoboGoalie installed in many Soccer loving countries. iRoboGoalie- Robot GoalKeeper is best for Professional Soccer, Fun, Amusement and Product Publicity.

Leverage Cricket Simulator is a popular product and a money-making concept in the fun and amusement industry. One may find several installations of Leverage Virtua Cricket Simulators across Cricket playing nations.

Mission: Build the best possible product and make it affordable to all those who need it. Our continuous endeavour is to bring the newest technology into the field of sports, and  make it available to the players who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Vision: Find a way to reach all. Have at least one Leverage product in every sportsman’s kit.

Team: Presently Leverage science and Technologies Ltd. is a strong team of 50 pragmatic members.
Everyone in the group is a leader with a single point agenda to achieve the team’s goals.