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Best Feature Challenge
1,00,000+ customers
Acclaimed by high-level cricket bodies
Affordable Price

The performance of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines has been extremely good and service provided is extremely satisfactory!

Sachin Tendulkar

I found Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine far superior to any other Cricket Bowling Machines I have ever used.

Rahul Dravid

The Cricket Bowling Machine is excellent and very useful. Can be a very useful tool for improving batting skills.

Gautham Gambhir

Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines are unique and well developed. I recommend Leverage Bowling Machines to all the youngsters.

Rashid Khan

Leverage iWinner is an amazing bowling machine

Robin Uthapa

The Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine is surely the best machine I've used. Its accurate and very useful to improve reflexes.

Sunil Joshi

Leverage iWinner is suitable for any team and is a must have tool for any player.

Leverage iWinner 

Leverage iWinner is a very low priced two-wheel Cricket Bowling Machine. This machine is suitable for professional practice and entertainment. Speed up to 130kmph. It is a two wheel digital ball throwing machine with intelligent features.

Leverage iWinner bowling machine’s ultimate objective is to make the batsman score more runs in the matches. Using iWinner Bowling Machine for Cricket batting drills yields unique and special benefits for the Batter.
iWin Balls can be used in iWinner bowling machine.
These balls are smaller and lighter compared to the Cricket balls.
iWinner Bowling Machine is specially designed to throw the iWin balls consistently faster and accurate.
Batsman improves his batting tremendously by using iWinner for batting drills.

iWinner Model Comparision
Features iWinner Advanced iWinner Automatic
130 130
Swing Levels
10 10
Speed Change
by every 1kph by every 1kph
Match Practice,
Battery Compatible,
Tab Operations,
Telescopic Stand,
Ball Counter,
Fast Variation Change,
Display Machine Status,
Sensor Driven Wheels for accuracy
Ball Feeder Compatible
Ball feeder
+ INR8500

Leverage Master Digi

Leverage Master Digi is the best two-wheel cricket bowling machine for professional players to develop their skills against speed, swing and spin deliveries.

Robust construction coupled with cutting edge technology: Leverage Master Digi is engineered for relentless ball throwing. To take the unsparing impact from the continuously fed leather cricket balls, a Cricket Bowling Machine should have highly durable and powerful motors. At the same time, these motors should not be bulky to make the machine heavy. Our proprietary optimization technique makes the motor to deliver maximum power compared to other motors with the same specifications.

Advanced algorithms coded in the firmware program combined with the sophisticated microcontrollers are used for the precision (less than one RPM error) control of the motors.

Long term ball throwing accuracy of a bowling machine depends on a few crucial aspects.

Leverage uses the proprietory Polyurethane compound for the sleeve of the wheels. These wheels withstand harsher environmental temperatures, optimized elastic recovery and uniform hardness to throw the leather balls repeatedly with the same precision at given RPM. Leverage bowling machine wheels are perfectly balanced and aligned to deliver a long term optimal performance.

Master Digi Model Comparision
Features Basic Plus Pro
160 160 160
Swing Levels
5 5 10
Speed Change
1kph 1kph
Match Practice,
Ball Counter,
Fast Variation Change
Battery Compatible,
Display Machine Status,
Tripod Stand
Ball Feeder Compatible
Ball feeder
+ INR18000
+ INR18000
+ INR18000

Leverage Master e2

Leverage Master e2 is an automatic two-wheel bowling machine. This high-performance cricket Bowling machine has the intelligent features required to hone the skills of batsmen. Operate using a tab or phone.

- Quick change of speed/swing
- Control swing/spin deviation
- Swing Variations: 21 for every 1 Km Speed
- Total variations : 42 for each km speed
- Increase speed by every km
- Electronic Line/Length change mechanism
- Works with Leather/tennis/Machine Balls
- Made from highly durable plastic
- Displays machine status
- Autofeeder included
- An additional line/length change mechanism to achieve advanced variations like Googly/Doosra
- Intelligent features like Random, Match Practice or Match Situation
- Can be operated with Battery

Leverage Yantra

It's a well-known fact that the three-wheel Bowling Machines are way superior compared to the two-wheel Cricket Bowling Machines. Leverage Yantra is the first three-wheel Cricket Bowling Machine in the world.

- Three-dimensional deliveries
- Thousands of variations
- Natural bowling feel
- Artificial intelligence features
- With all these and many more...

Leverage Yantra, the Robotic Three Wheel Bowling Machine is a synonym for Supremacy! This highly acclaimed machine has further evolved to provide more intensity and quality practice to the players in order to help them accomplish their dream of reaching the top at an incredibly low price.

Leverage Yantra e3

Batsmen dream to own this bowling machine. Leverage Yantra e3 is the most advanced cricket bowling machine equipped with artificial intelligence and wireless operations. This Cricket Bowling Machine is the ultimate batting practice tool and a prized possession for any cricketer. It is the best cricket bowling machine available in the world.

Yantra e3 Cricket Bowling Machine is a revolutionary development in the history of the bowling machines.

What’s Three Wheel Cricket Bowling Machine advantage?
1. The three wheel gripping is similar to that of human fingers. Thereby a three wheel cricket bowling machine can create a natural trajectory of the bowler.
2. The three wheel design in the bowling machine can create differential bounce simulation within the same reference surface. The three wheel cricket bowling machine can increase or decrease the bounce of the ball
3. The three wheel design in the cricket bowling machine can create numerous variations in the swing and spin. Along with the regular in swing and out swing. It can also create the speciality variations like in swing seam out and out swing seam in
4. The three wheel design in the cricket bowling machine gives a clear visibility of the ball during the release. This makes the batsman gets adjusted to the cricket bowling machine easily.
5. The three wheel design in the cricket bowling produces almost all the variations a human can bowl.

How to choose a cricket bowling machine?

Seven things to check before buying a Cricket Bowling Machine.

Cricket Bowling Machine is a popular product. It's a must-have tool for every cricketer. But it still is a speciality product. Most of the customers do not know how to select a bowling machine.

At least a few new companies try to build bowling machines every year. They all say they produce the best cricket bowling machines.

If you visit any popular e-commerce website, you will find numerous bowling machines listed over there. Barring a few, most of the companies are non-operational or sell the same product with different names.

Everybody claims their product is cheap and best; they post good pics and videos. Those videos selectively and partially showcase the details of their product.

It is so confusing to find the right product from the cluster.
So what to do?

Check the following:

1. Contact the manufacturer directly:
This is the era of the internet. You don't need mediators to buy a Bowling Machine. It is always better to contact the manufacturer directly. They will give you the right guidance and correct pricing.

2. Check the credibility:
Verify if any of the high-level Cricket bodies/ Cricket Boards acclaimed their Cricket Bowling Machine.

3. Ask for at least a few international players' testimonials:
At some event, Videos can be taken while the players are looking at the Bowling Machines and being explained about those products. Sellers will try to trick you by showing those videos. Those are NOT testimonials. True testimonials are given after using the product.

4. Check client list, videos and testimonials:
Reputation will not be built overnight. Quality products produced by stable companies will earn customers' loyalty. How many clients, since how long, are using their Bowling Machines, is an important aspect. Request for addresses and phone numbers of their existing clients. Try to speak to them.

5. Check popularity:
Popularity is the difference between a name and a brand. Most of the times, it is better to go with popular belief. Many people must have done their homework. You just need to follow them. The easiest way to check a company's popularity is to check their website rank. There are many ways to do that, but the easiest one is to test it on ALEXA. Go to Alexa.com and write their website addresses. Compare the ranks of the sellers. Choose the best (Lower-number Rank is better).

6. Manufacturers or Assemblers?:
Everybody claims they are manufacturers. We all know there is a lot of difference between an assembler and a manufacturer. It is better to build your bowling machine than buying it from an assembler.

7. Take nobody's word for it:
Compare the credentials of the sellers, price of the products. Physically check all the features of the machines; like accuracy, consistency, speed, finish etc. before buying.

Cricket ball throwing machine is not like any other product you buy. It is a matter of your child's future. Your family's precious time, money and aspirations are at stake. It is better to do your homework before purchasing a Bowling Machine.