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Yantra - Intelligent Bowling Machine

at Rs. 2,65,000/-

- Three-dimensional deliveries
- Thousands of variations
- Natural bowling feel
- Artificial intelligence features
- With all these and many more...
Leverage Yantra, the Robotic Three Wheel Bowling Machine is a synonym for Supremacy! This highly acclaimed machine has further evolved to provide more intensity and quality practice to the players in order to help them accomplish their dream of reaching the top at an incredibly low price.

Why Yantra - Bowling Machine?

  • Easy to operate
  • Sensor driven wheels
  • It can replicate all variations a human bowler can bowl
  • Equipped with more than 1000 variations
  • Control the bounce level
  • 3 Dimensional Variation Control
  • Gear Operated Change in Line and Length
  • Advanced digital operations
  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable
  • Speed upto 170kmph
  • Compatible with Autofeeder
  • Build your own cricket simulator
  • Ideally suitable for Malls, Events , Recreation & Coaching Camps
  • Bowls all kinds of deliveries like inswing, outswing, legspin and offspin
  • Bowls special variations like inswing seam out, outswing seam in, doosra, googly and many more
  • SDK available for customisation

Leverage Yantra - Cricket Bowling Machines

Yantra Bowling Machine Features

  • Quick change of speed/swing
  • Control swing/spin deviation
  • Swing Variations: 41 for every 1 Km Speed
  • Total variations : more than 400 for every 1 km speed
  • Increase speed by every km
  • Electronic Line/Length change mechanism
  • Works with Leather/tennis/Machine Balls
  • Displays machine status
  • Compatible with Autofeeder
  • 3 Dimensional Variation Control to throw special variations like inswing seam out, outswing seam in, doosra, googly and many more
  • Intelligent features like Random, Random(Lv.2) [Formerly "Match Practice"] or Random(Lv.3) [Formerly "Match Situation"]
  • Can be operated with Battery

Leverage Yantra - Cricket Bowling Machines


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Professional Cricket Practice with the Leverage Yantra - Bowling Machine

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