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This Page is being updated. New Video: How to make a non-electric ball throwing machine?

How to make a cricket bowling machine at home?

A commercial cricket bowling machine manufacturer posting a DIY (Do It Yourself) of his product; is it a gimmick?
Selling a product is different from developing a product. To sell a product, you need to establish and run an organization to manage things like research, prototype and product development, manufacturing, selling, after-sales service, customer care, finance management, competition etc. But a product made by an individual only serves his purpose. He need not worry about other things. He needs to have time and interest in the DIY product.

Cricket Bowling Machine is a fascinating product. We get calls and emails from people, collages and universities asking for help in their "Bowling Machine Project". Or, they ask for specific components, which are useful in making the product.

So, here we are!

In this tutorial, we will cover four types of DIY bowling machines.

1. Electric/battery-operated lightweight ball throwing machine (Easy to make).

2. Electric/battery operated cricket ball bowling machine. (Slightly Difficult to make).

3. Non-electric/ mechanical ball throwing machine (Very easy to make).

4. Pneumatic Ball Throwing Machine for tennis ball throwing (Slightly Difficult to make).
Video and details coming soon.

A step by step making instructions, along with material procurement details, will be covered in these DIYs. Check back this page for the updates.

To post all the details, it will take time. In a few days, we will try to complete the tutorial.