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nca about leverage cricket bowling machines

"The performance of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines has been extremely good and service provided is extremely satisfactory! "
- National Cricket Academy

sachin with leverage cricket bowling machines

"I found Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine far superior to any other Cricket Bowling Machines I have ever used."
- Sachin Tendulkar

rahul dravid leverage bowling machine

"The Cricket Bowling Machine is excellent and very useful. Can be a very useful tool for improving batting skills."
- Rahul Dravid

gautham gambhir leverage cricket bowling machines

"Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines are unique and well developed. I recommend Leverage Bowling Machines to all the youngsters. "
- Gautham Gambhir

"Leverage iWinner is an amazing bowling machine"
- Rashid Khan

RobinUthappa with leverage bowling machine

"The Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine is surely the best machine I’ve used. Its accurate and very useful to improve reflexes. "
- Robin Uthappa

"Leverage iWinner is suitable for any team and is a must have tool for any player. "
- Sunil Joshi

Shikhar Dhawan with leverage bowling machine

"Keep doing the good job. Keep making more good products."
- Shikhar Dhawan

"With Spingball I could get to practice the lateral movement off the pitch. Its an excellent tool to improve batting skills. "
- Sanju Samson

"It was a great experience to bat. I for one think its great innovation. Really enjoyed. Cheers!! "
- Murali Vijay

KLRahul with leverage spingball

"The Spingball is a great innovation. It’s very challenging for batsmen. "
- K L Rahul

"It is useful as it works on an app. Technology savvy. Best Wishes."
- Mithali Raj - Team India Women

Madhuri Mehta   Team India Women with leverage bowling machine

"I am an Indian player. I have been using the leverage bowling machine since 2019. It is absolutely fantastic. It helped me improve my batting skills. It’s very accurate in variations. Leverage service is exceptional and I thank leverage bowling machine because of them I have played two big tournaments and performed well, selected India-A team. Thank you for such a fantastic bowling machine..."
- Madhuri Mehta - Team India Women

"iWinner Bowling Machine is faster than I am now."
- Devon Malcolm

""Thank you RoboArm""
- Younus Khan

"RoboArm Cricket Ball Thrower saved my shoulder"
- Mark Ramprakash

BijjuGeorge with leverage spingball

""Brilliant product range , bowling machines are on par with the best in the world ,and from robo arm to the edge bats they are pioneers in developing coaching tools" "
- Biju George

KrishnaRao with leverage spingball

"Leverage Spingball generates great deviation off the pitch. It is a great tool for a coach to create complex and challenging practice for a batsman "
- Krishna Rao

"Leverage is very innovative! Products are very apt for the present generation who looks for efficiency and also variety "
- Dilip Kumar

"The Leverage cricket products are very useful for cricketers! Using Speedarm with Spingball helps to reproduce swing deliveries when thrown straight at a rapid pace. "
- Raj Kumar Sharma

SanjayBharadwaj with leverage spingball

"Spingball and Speedarm Combination is very useful for a coach. Using Spingball one can produce good spin deliveries. It compels a batsman to play consciously. "
- Sanjay Bharadwaj

"Absolutely fantastic bowling machine..."
- Sid Lahiri

""By using Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine, a novice to elite cricketer can improve his skills by leaps and bounds in a relatively short duration" "
- Atul Gaikwad

"Recommend iWinner Bowling Machine to all parents"
- Amy Gordon

"Had Real fun with Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine"
- Dan

"Leverage iWinner Bowling Machine is very good, it swung a lot and its quite nippy."
- Krish Patel

"Me and my dad love the iWinner bowling machine"
- Ruhi- 4 year old

"We came to buy Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines from Bangladesh"
- Faizal

"I Love the iWinner Cricket Bowling Machine.."
- Om

"I recommend Leverage Bowling Machine"
- Pranab

"Good speed, excellent service."
- TVS Event

"Leverage Bowing Machine is Exceptional."
- Guru

"Leverage Cric-Avatar is a World-Class Simulator and The service provided by Leverage is exceptional! I strongly recommend this! "
- High Volt

parent_of_rishi with leverage bowling machine

"My son has begun practicing with Leverage Yantra bowling machine and is improving a lot on playing spin and swing deliveries! "
- Parent

"Best Customer Service and Trustworthy company. Thank you Leverage "
- Waseem KM

"Absolutely a Fantastic Bowling Machine by Leverage. Superb variations and great product at a very economical price. One word Magical "
- praveeth kumar

"We bought 2 CRICKET BOWLING MACHINES a year ago.... both working without a glitch.. very good aftersales service - Thanks to Leverage "
- Viswanath Reddy

"Great product and timely service. Leverage is the best. Awesome Bowling machine. Thanks for such innovations in cricket tools. Superb quality and performance.Superior build quality and amazing features. Surely the best bowling machine in the world. Just go for it. Leverage for cricket "
- Avika Gupta

"Never expected a bowling machine will be of such a high standard, at a low cost. Thank You Leverage for a great machine. All the Best. "
- Sadashiv Simha

"Hi i am from Bangladesh. I visited leverage office and i was amazed to see their product range. Great work by leverage for cricket. "
- Sams Khan

"Best innovative coaching tools by leverage. Excellent quality and best service.. Thank you leverage "
- Nandita Sheth

"Quality machine with reasonable price... very good guidance and support from the team... thanks a lot... highly recommend.... "
- harish g menon

"Great product and timely service. Leverage is the best at Coaching tools . Thanks for such innovations. Superb quality and performance. Credit goes to Kishore & Team "
- Cricket Zeal Academy- USA

"Very good Technology and expert Leverage team members wiling to help in all means. Price is reasonable and goods quality is perfect. "
- Maxi Asad

"Great product and timely service. Leverage is the best. Thanks for such innovations. Supereb quality and performance" "
- vijay goud

"The leverage bowling machine is excellent. Great service & Thanks for quick delivery. "
- arifuddin shareef

"Excellent bowling Machine...Superb quality and performance...would be very useful for the practice..... "
- deepika deepu

"Wonderful Leverage Bowling machine. I am using Last 3 years "
- Syed Majid

"The range of Leverage Bowling Machines are fantastic products, great value for money, good service from the team at Leverage "
- Richard

"Very Economy, Excellent Bowling machine for practicing. Very useful to players. "
- Shanta Singh

"Best product ,economical price and excellent customer service!! "
- Vignesh Manthrachalam

"The best Bowling machines in the country with perfect quality and service. "
- barathi super market

"Leverage provides great quality services. Thankyou Leverage. "
- Priyatam Stores

"Quite a good range of products with excellent quality. Perfectly reasonable and worth every penny spent. Looking forward to the brighter days ahead, thanks to you. "
- Nishant Lakhani

"Great sevice and Great product. From Australia. "
- Kumar S

"Excellent in low cost with high performed bowling machines.... "
- M.rishi kesh

"Machines are really worth the price. I got the master digi pro with autfeeder. I have been using the machine for a couple of months with no problems. It can go from 60-160kmph and swings both ways. In fact, if you increase the swing at some level it starts to reverse swing. The autofeeder works pretty well too and you can set the speed at which it throws the balls. "
- Vaibhav Khanna

"One of the best bowling machines. Good for practice. Helped me in improving my game. "
- varayogi suraj

"Honestly speaking I was expecting a mediocre quality product given the price , but I was astonished by the product I received, amazing and sturdy built quality. Product up to Mark to all the specification. Super happy with the service. "
- Sangamsinh Solanki

"I have been using leverage products from last 4 years . They have always delivered the best product to me . Thanks for the ROBORAM , it has really helped me better my cricketing skills . Looking forward for the upcoming innovative product of yours . "
- Prashant Y

"ought master digi from Leverage. Excellent support and 5 star service. Highly recommend. "
- Mohammed Irfan

"Yantra E3 is the best machine. I love using it for my students.Great product by Leverage. "
- Marupuri Suresh

"Leverage is the best. Waiting was worth it for iwinner. It’s a great product. "
- Shivaramakrishna

"Far better and more functional then other machines in the market. Value for money. "
- Nadeem Khan

"Very professional services catered according to customer needs. Highly recommended. "
- ravi devara

"Very helpful machine(Leverage iWinner) for young start and gud work properly."
- Sitara parveen

"You guys are powerhouse of innovation and originality. It's always exciting to visit your work place and learn about your new advancements. Leverage is less of a manufacturer and more of an innovator. Aatm nirbhar in true sense. Keep it up."
- Shoaib khan

Ashwani Rana with leverage bowling machine

"Thanks a ton to you and your wonderful product."
- Ashwani Rana

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