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Leverge iBot - Most Economical Bowling Machine

starts at Rs. 20,000/-

International Utility Patent Pending(No. PCT/IN2021/050290)

Leverage iBot is a very special and unique bowling machine. It’s a great tool for entry level professional cricketers.

Its patent pending dual point feeding and release system can simulate great deliveries.

Top Point feeding is to practice deliveries which slowdown off the pitch.

Bottom Point feeding is to practice deliveries which hurries onto the batsman, after pitching.

These variations tremendously improve and optimise the reflexes of the batsman.

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Get a cricket bowling machine for free - iBot Bowling Machine Challenge

Leverage iBot Pro

Practice “BALL OF THE CENTURY” everyday with iBot 360 Bowling Machine

iBot Models

Features 360 Pro
Speed 95kph(Full Pitch)
130kph(Half Pitch)
110kph(Full Pitch)
140kph(Half Pitch)
Ball Tennis Ball, Hard-Tennis Ball, Rubber Ball, iWin Ball(60g & 80g) Cricket Ball, Leverage Machine Ball
Swing & Spin Deliveries Yes Yes
Line, Length and angular adjustment Yes, with 360 degree panning. Yes, with 360 degree panning.
Stand Tripod, 4ft Tripod, 6ft
Battery Compatible Yes Yes
Battery Included No No
Ball Feeder No No
Without Battery Cable*
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With Battery Cable*
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*Battery Cable is used to connect the machine to a battery.

**Prices are excluding 12% GST.

Leverage iBot - Cricket Bowling Machines

Leverage iBot Bowling Machine - Technical Specifications

  • Speed: 40 - 95 kph
  • Power Requirement: 12v or 110v to 230v
  • Power Consumption: 12hours - 1 Unit
  • Battery Capacity: from 12v 7ah
  • Height: 5ft
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Package contents: iBot machine, power adapter, iBot Telescopic Stand, 1 sample iWin light Ball, tools and user manual.
  • No Auto ball feeder compatibility due to its dual feeding system.
  • Battery Not Included

Leverage iBot - Cricket Bowling Machines

Leverage iBot Cricket Bowling Machine Features

  • Speed upto 95 kph
  • Spin and Swing
  • Digital Controls
  • Easy to operate
  • Ball Joint for easy line and length change
  • Angular adjustment for advanced variations
  • Feeding point indication
  • Speed Indication
  • Highly portable
  • Use iWin Light Balls or Tennis Balls only.
  • Compatible with Battery

Leverage iBot - Cricket Bowling Machines

Leverage iBot(Old model video)

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