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Leverage iChamp

Hybrid Bowling Machine
For Cricket, Tennis and Baseball

starts at Rs. 20,000/-

A Ball Throwing Machine

Leverage iChamp is the first hybrid bowling machine that can be used for multiple sports like cricket, tennis and baseballs.
iChamp Bowling Machine can be used for batting, fielding, slip, wicket keeping, lawn tennis practice.

Leverage iChamp is the most economical Leather Cricket Ball Throwing Machine available in the market.

The iChamp is a patent-pending hybrid bowling machine that can be used as a Cricket Bowling Machine, Tennis Ball Throwing Machine for lawn tennis practice and Baseball Pitching Machine.

It may be small, lightweight and portable, but it's a powerful, robust machine for continuous practice.

Most important feature of this machine is that it can be used in less than 20ft for effective batting practice.
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Bowling Machine with 50 Ball Feeder Capacity

iChamp Models

Features iChamp iChampAUTO
Balls Leather Cricket Ball & Dimple Ball Leather Cricket Ball, Tennis Ball, Dimple Ball & Baseball ball
Operating Voltage 12v/110v/230v 12v/110v/230v
Speed 65kph 65kph
Weight 8kg 10kg
Distance 15-60ft 15-60ft
Batting, Catching and Fielding Practice
Lawn Tennis Practice
Detachable Stand
Tripod with Line, Length and angular adjustment

Tripod with Line, Length and angular adjustment
Ball Feeding

Automatic with adjustable time interval
Ball Feeder Capacity N/A 20balls
Battery Compatible Externally Built-In Rechargeable
Mobile Operate Available only for customised models
Price* INR20,000
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Add To Cart
Package Contents iChamp, Stand, Battery Cable and Power Adapter iChampAUTO, Stand, Ball Feeder and Power Adapter

*Prices are excluding 12% GST and shipping

Leverage iChamp - Cricket Bowling Machines

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