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Leverge iWinner - Most Economical Bowling Machine

starts at Rs. 15,000/-

Leverage iWinner is a very low cost two wheel digital bowling machine with intelligent features. This machine can be used for both professional and entertainment purposes.

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iWinner Models

Features 2.0 Advanced Automatic
Speed 110 130 130
Swing Levels 5 10 10
Speed Change by every 5kph by every 1kph by every 1kph
Match Pratice
Battery Compatible
Tab Operations
Telescopic Stand
Ball Counter
Fast Variation Change
Display Machine Status
Sensor Driven Wheels for accuracy
Ball Feeder Included
Price INR20,000/-
Ball Feeder + INR8500 + INR8500 Included
Leverage iwinner - Cricket Bowling Machines

Why iWinner Bowling Machine?

Leverage iWinner bowling machine’s ultimate objective is to make the batsman score more runs in the matches.

Using iWinner Bowling Machine for Cricket batting drills yields unique and special benefits for the Batter. iWin Balls can be used in iWinner bowling machine. These balls are smaller and lighter compared to the Cricket balls. iWinner Bowling Machine is specially designed to throw the iWin balls consistently faster and accurate. Batsman improves his batting tremendously by using iWinner for batting drills.

Sighting The Ball (Decode the Ball Before Hitting It): iWinner Bowling Machine can throw the balls upto 130 kph. Using smaller balls bowled at higher speeds for batting drills improve overall focus of the batsman. While playing matches this practice enables the Batter to pick the line and length very early and hit the ball into the gaps.

Middling The Ball (SweetSpot Addiction): Practice with slightly smaller ball improves the focus of the batsman. Regular practice with iWinner ball throwing machine makes the Batter better in middling the ball. This Sweetspot addiction helps getting higher scores in the matches while playing with Leather Cricket Ball.

Faster Reflexes (More shots per delivery): While practicing high speed challenging deliveries like bouncers and beamers increases the threat of an injury to the batsman. Using iWin balls in iWinner bowling machine for this type of intense practice reduces the injury threat to the Batter. Which allows batsman to attempt practice such deliveries. Fearless practice and experimenting with shot selection boosts the confidence of the Batsman. It helps score more and more when the pitch, bowling and field placements pose difficulty to the batsman while batting in the match.

High Scoring Practice Tips:
1. Use iWinner Bowling Machine Random-mode feature with Auto Ball Feeder and iWin balls. Set the speed which is playable, but challenging. Once you get comfortable with the speed, increase it slightly and continue practicing.

2. Mix iWin Balls, Light Tennis Balls and Hard Tennis balls. Fill Autofeeder with those balls. Select a particular ball variation in iWinner bowling machine and start practicing. At the same bowling variation different balls behave differently. You may adapt the same technique with manual feeding too.Note: Before playing, make sure to set the machine position and check whether all the balls are playable.

3. Tilt the iWinner Bowling Machine head to sideways in different angles and experiment with bowling variations. By doing so, you can create different trajectories and variations off the balls. Practicing different bowling variations create and reinforce the muscle memory, which is very useful while playing in unknown conditions.

Leverage iwinner - Cricket Bowling Machines

iWinner Bowling Machine Features

  • Quick change of speed/swing
  • Control swing/spin deviation
  • Increase speed by every km
  • An advanced line/length change mechanism
  • Works with tennis/iWin Balls
  • Made from highly durable plastic
  • Displays machine status
  • An additional line/length change mechanism to achieve advanced variations like Googly/Doosra
  • Intelligent features like Random, Match Practice or Match Situation
  • Can be operated with Battery
  • Speed upto 130kmph
  • Easy to operate
  • Sensor driven wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible with auto feeder

Leverage iwinner - Cricket Bowling Machines

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